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A number of chemicals, cleansers, utensils and other care supplies are available to choose from. Another universal category is hygiene supplies which are used to keep homes and offices clean.Paper dispensers, soap dispensers and cleaning agents are essential to every office and home.

Hand sanitizers and skin care products are upcoming essentials being produced by While choosing your products seek the expertise of professionals who can give you the correct solutions for maintenance and upkeep of offices and buildings. Buying wholesale is always better since the prices are reduced further. Hygiene supplies are also a great way to maintain cleanliness. The most common kinds are tissue dispensers and wet towel dispensers.

With the use of mild to string chemicals, you can ensure a dirt free environment. In case the chemical is very strong add water. This is an age old trick. Use cleaners and sanitizers that work quickly and effectively. Hygiene supplies ensure low germ interchange. Use a brand which is reliable and suitable.

See our price list:

Housekeeping – $25.00 per hour and minimum charge of 3 hours

Carpet Cleaning – $30.00 per hour and minimum charge of 3 hours

Window Cleaning: Traditional – $25.00; Reach & Wash – $30.00

Office Cleaning: Daily Cleaning – $25.00; Weekly Cleaning – $30.00

You can find us with these contact details:

Penalosa, KS 67035
Phone: 620-815-3827